30 Common Nouns, Definition and Example Sentences

30 Common Nouns, Definition and Example Sentences

Common Nouns

Are you wondering what are the common nouns that you always hear about? Are you using English well but not certain about the categorizations of some words? Keep reading and find some examples of common nouns below.

What are the common nouns?

We are all using common nouns all the time. Maybe you are unaware of it, but one of the most used words in English are the common nouns. Then, what is the definition of common nouns? We say common nouns to the generic names for many things, such as persons, places, animals, groups, places, emotions, ideas, etc. Think about the general name for anything around you, this is probably the common noun for that object or the thing. For example, what do you see in your living room? A chair? A television? A table? These are all common nouns for the things in your living room. To learn more about these, read our examples below and see what the generic names are we are using in daily life.

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Examples of common nouns in sentences

Common nouns for person examples:

I understand everything she explains, she is a good teacher.

They decided to take a vacation with their children.

My father always wakes up very early in the morning.

I believe she will be a good doctor in the future.

I heard that he is dating a very beautiful girl.

The woman living downstairs makes me crazy.


Common nouns for animals examples

I was very surprised when I saw her living with a mouse.

My friend has a fear of insects.

Chita is the fastest animal in the world.

Did you know that Harry Potter can talk to snakes?

When I was a child, I thought that penguins and polar bears live in the same environment.

We will adopt a dog if we move into a bigger house.


Common nouns for places

Hurry up! You will be late for school.

We will go to the mall this weekend; do you want to join us?

This is a picture of us taken at the beach last summer.

They will get married tonight, at a very beautiful hotel in the city.

I think she got cold after swimming at the lake last month.

Can you tell me which country your uncle lives in?


Common nouns for things

I have to drink coffee in the morning unless I have breakfast.

Jake’s father bought him a new red car.

There is a problem with my computer, I cannot open the browser.

He brought beautiful flowers to me when I was at the hospital.

This chair hurts my back, can we change it, please?

It is raining outside, don’t forget your umbrella.

Common nouns for emotions

I was very upset when she said they will go there without me.

My daughter will graduate this year. Am I the happiest dad in the world?

Did you watch the last movie of him? It is amazing.

I am nervous about the exam tomorrow.

It is so annoying to see that she is chewing her hair all the time.

You must be shocked after this unexpected news.

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