Abstract Nouns, Definition,100 Examples Sentences with Abstract Nouns

Abstract Nouns, Definition,100 Examples Sentences with Abstract Nouns

Abstract Nouns

Love, hate, love. These are the keywords of an eternal cycle. You love somebody then hate it. After a while, you love someone again. By the way, what is love? Or what is hate? Can you touch it? Can you buy it? Or is there any possibility to draw a universally agreed picture of love? You can tell what love is, but you can’t touch love, or you can’t hold it on your hands.

So, this kind of nouns is called abstract nouns. Abstract nouns are nouns that can’t be explained in empirical methods. Even if the definition of abstract nouns includes a lot of things briefly the following words are abstract nouns. Aspects, thoughts, situations, emotions. The common quality of them you can’t sense them with your sensual organs.

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How to determine a verb as an abstract noun?

It is easy to determine a verb whether is an abstract noun or not. The definition of an abstract noun includes the things without our senses like hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, or smelling. Let’s give a lot of examples of abstract nouns. The abstract ones are bold written words.

Examples for abstract nouns with sentences:

  • At the end of the day, love will be the savior of the world
  • Existence is just because of to suffer according to sophists.
  • Fear is the feeling that occurs because of the concerns regarding survival.
  • Sadness is like spreading around blood in my veins.
  • Hello loneliness, my old friend.
  • God is the creator of the entire universe, the pastor said.
  • You seem exhausted, what is in your mind, sir?
  • Sympathy for the devil is the most legendary song of Megadeth.
  • In my opinion, St. Anger is an underrated work.

  • Theodor Roosevelt pointed out the role of military cooperation among the forces for world
  • We will be walking down the aisle with pride, ma’ lady.
  • My friend of misery was the most successful work by Jason Newsted.
  • Success is not about the numbers in your salary or the social advantages of your employer. It is a state of
  • Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity were the keywords of the French revolution.
  • We know everything. Now, tell us how and where did you get this secure knowledge?
  • My education on aim comes from the days I spend in MI6, he said.
  • The second amendment is a fundamental part of the American constitution.
  • Easy officer, we don’t want
  • For all this time, I have been trusted who we are.

  • The truth is the society is not that pluralist as the media suggests.
  • Any person can change their
  • Brave New World is a wonderful dystopic novel that describes an overdeveloped society. The main argument is that the progression should have limits.
  • Throughout history, conservatism was a position towards changes in society rather than being an ideology.
  • The representatives of states gathered around to discuss human rights violations in several areas around the world.
  • Max, my dearest of my friends, come here to hug me again.

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