Countable and Uncountable Nouns List, 100 Countable and Uncountable Words and Examples

Countable and Uncountable Nouns List, 100 Countable and Uncountable Words and Examples

Countable and Uncountable Words

There is a different type of words in the English language. We can differentiate the words from different points. One of these points is to being countable or being uncountable. Today, we will be explaining countable and uncountable words with example sentences.

What is a countable word?

A countable word is a word that you can point out with numbers. Also, you can mention them with a plural form.

What is an uncountable word?

An uncountable word is a word that you can’t mention with a number or plural form. In other words, you can’t count an uncountable word. To mention an uncountable word as plural, you should be using a proper preposition.

Examples of countable words with sentences:

We will be giving examples for countable words below. The bold written words are countable.

  • There are 4 books on the bookshelf.
  • There is a long line of cars trying to get through.
  • Musicians are the most sensitive people in the world.
  • Cats were chasing tiny mice around the hall.
  • The visitors were waiting in the hall of the mountain king.
  • The number of coffee consumers is extremely increased in the last period.
  • Expectancies are only making you sad in your life.
  • Soldiers were running towards the glory of their nation.

  • Champions League is the football organization between the most successful football clubs around Europe.
  • Cars are the most iconic animation movie by Pixar. They don’t make animations like it anymore.
  • Stock markets are the heart of the economy. Economists use there to track down the situation of the global economy.
  • The only passion of the sailors is to sail to the oceans with their boats.
  • Calendars are the notebooks that are used to arrange the business cycle of a businessman.
  • 3D artists are the people who create 3d graphics with an artistic point of view.
  • People are strange when you are a stranger. Faces look ugly when you are alone.

 Examples of uncountable words with sentences:

We will be making sentences that included uncountable words. By these examples, you will understand better with context.

  • I bought a loaf of bread from the grocery store.
  • This was a truly extreme amount of money. How did you get them?
  • Son, can you pass me a bottle of water?
  • I drank one more cup of coffee for the road.
  • The waiter said Sir would you like to take a slice of cake? It is on house.
  • The cat seems hungry, let’s bring it a bottle of milk.
  • The factory was purchased a ton of cotton.

  • Would you like to buy a bottle of perfume? It is on sale.
  • May I take a cup of tea, please?
  • We need a bowl of sugar, sweetheart.
  • The only necessity of this table is a piece of cheese. Jack, can you bring a circle of Gouda from the fridge?
  • A bar of chocolate is enough to make most of the women happy.
  • A jar of honey includes a lot of sugar. So, you should consume it carefully.

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