Imperative Sentence Definition, Imperative Sentence 100 Examples

Imperative Sentence Definition, Imperative Sentence 100 Examples

Imperative Sentences

Think about the glorious commanders and conquerors from history. What is the most distinctive qualification of them? Of course, their ability to manage the masses in the warzone. Can you imagine George Washington as he shouts like “Please infantries, can you go right after the cavalries?”. This would be ridiculous. But you can imagine George Washington as he shouts “Infantries, chase the cavalries.” Why? Was George Washington a rude person? No. The case here is the clarity and to mobilize the masses.

Anyway, what are the imperative sentences? Why people use it? Today, we will be examining these.

What are the imperative sentences?

Imperative sentences are the sentences that include commands. In other words, the imperative sentences are used to direct a request, instructions, or an order. So, it doesn’t have to be about an order. When you try to cook a portion of new food, you see the imperative sentences. The main function of the imperative sentences is clarity. There is no word plays or concerns on kindness. By the way, people use imperative sentences when they pray like “God, please help me!”. Also, forbidden acts are expressed by using imperative sentences.

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How can you use an imperative sentence?

The English language is like chemistry. Every structure of it has a relevant formula. The formula for making an imperative sentence is the following. “(You) Verb or Subject + Verb”. You can make sentences just by using the verb. The hidden subject is always “you” in those sentences.

Imperative Sentence Examples with Contexts

Let’s give you some examples of the contexts of the sentences. Imperative sentences don’t have to express an order.

  • Freeze! NYPD! (A police officer is ordering a criminal to stop right there)
  • Chop the onions. After the chopping process, put them into boiling water. (A recipe about a portion of food with onions)
  • Show me your homework. (A sentence by a teacher in the school)
  • Don’t smoke on the plane. (An expression of a forbidden act)
  • Please god, give me luck. (A prayer)

More Imperative Sentence Examples

We will be giving more examples but there is no context in these sentences.

  • Don’t be afraid. We are here, folks.
  • Show me some respect, son.
  • Stop the car immediately.
  • Move your legs, there would be a little pain.
  • Drive your car carefully if the wild wind blows.
  • Enjoy this delicious meal.
  • To install Witcher 3 Game of The Year edition, download the steam desktop launcher.
  • Don’t come with us if you order your steak as well-done. It is lame.

  • Don’t look at me, it is so embarrassing.
  • Remember me when September ends.
  • Talk to me softly.
  • Pour some sugar on me.
  • Wish me luck, baby. This exam is too important.
  • Don’t ever dare to use that word again.
  • Know your enemy and all the bad things he did to your family.
  • “Take me home, country roads” was absolutely a sentence belongs to a country musician.
  • To make the world better, the masses need to take the power back.


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