Imperatives in English, Definition and Examples

Imperatives in English, Definition and Examples

  • We often need to use the command mode when we want to quickly warn someone in everyday life, to give orders, or to communicate in informal language.
  • The imperative mode is much easier than the other modes in English. Because when you need to use imperative, we don’t have to add any verbs. In this way, the imperative mode has a very simple structure.
  • In the sentences that are shot according to different people, the imperative mode may be different. Orders are usually just set up with Simple Present Tense. Because we only need to give orders in Simple Present Tense.

Negative Sentences with Imperatives

  • Do not talk to me like that.
  • Do not make that sound.
  • Do not walk fastly.


Positive Questions with Imperatives

  • Shall we go out?
  • Shall we go to the cinema?
  • Shall we sleep?


Negative Questions with Imperatives

  • Shall he not come in?
  • Shall we not go out?
  • Shall we not go to the cinema?

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