Measure Words List in English

Measure Words List in English

A piece of paper

A pad of paper

A roll of tape

A stick of chalk

A piece of chalk

A bottle of glue

A tube of glue

A pair of scissors


A bar of soap

A tube of toothpaste

A container of shampoo

A stick of deodorant

A bottle of perfume

A roll of toilet paper

A ball of cotton

A glass of water

A cup of coffee

A pint of blood

A quart of milk

A tank of gas

A jug of lemonade

A bottle of wine

A keg of beer

A shot of vodka

A drop of rain

A glass of soda

A cup of tea

A cup of milk

A drop of oil

A bottle of soda

A teaspoon of medicine

A tablespoon of vinegar

A bowl of rice

A plate of rice

A dish of spaghetti

A pound of meat

A piece of cake

A piece of pie

A bowl of soup

A bag of flour

A box of cereal

A carton of ice cream

A jar of peanut butter

A loaf of bread

A slice of bread

A slice of pizza

A dash of salt

A cube of ice

A stalk of celery

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