50 Fruits Names, Pictures and Example Sentences

50 Fruits Names, Pictures and Example Sentences

Fruit names

Do you want to learn the names of some common fruits and see how they are used in sentences? In this writing, you can learn both!

There are a lot of fruits that you can enjoy eating, and we bet that there are also a number of fruits that you have not tasted yet. In this article, while using them in sentences and showing you how to use fruit names in English, we also wanted you to see and search for some new fruit names!

There are various fruits in the world, some of them are very specific to certain locations, and it is time to know more about them. You can find some examples below.

Fruit names examples:

My favorite summer fruit is watermelon, I love eating it when it is cold.

Emma does not love yogurt itself, but she eats strawberry yogurt every day.

Did you taste my mother’s apple cookies? This is the best cookie you can eat in the world.

Do you remember that we used to make earrings from cherries when we were children?

It was a very funny episode of Friends that Monica makes Ross eat kiwifruit which he is allergic to.

My brother loves drinking mango juice.

Most people think that tomatoes are vegetables. Did you know that tomatoes are actually a fruit?

Although my mom cannot touch peaches, she washed and sliced peach for me.

I heard that fruit prices are very high in that country. It is very expensive to buy prickly pear.

You should consume some healthy food also. What about eating an orange?

I think the taste of this soup would be better if you have added some lemon to it.

I bought a kilogram of clementine from the groceries, but I could not find them in the bags when I came home.

I am watching this Survivor show on TV. How can a person feel full by only eating coconuts?

I really do not like grapes if they are not seedless.

Are you going to eat these cranberries without washing them? I think they seem a little bit dirty.

Even though I love pomegranate, it is very difficult to prepare it to eat.

The best fruit to eat in the summertime is honey melon.

It was a mystery that how that pineapple came to the student center without nobody moving it.

There is a saying in Turkish: ‘The best pear is eaten by bears.’

He is very excited about his birthday this year. Are we going to buy him a blackberry cake or a chocolate cake?

I have never heard about this cherimoya fruit that they were talking about.

I would love to have some raspberries in this desert.

When I was a child, I thought that monkeys do not eat anything but the banana.

I saw a dragon fruit on the internet today, which I have not known before. I am wondering how it tastes like.

I really want to eat some plums, but I guess we cannot find any in this season.

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