Compound Subject, Compound Verbs and Examples

Compound Subject, Compound Verbs and Examples

Compound Verbs

Sometimes to describe an activity, it is never enough to use just one verb. People can be in serial activities. There is a special kind of verbs just for this usage. What are these verbs? These verbs are compound verbs. They are used by one or more words. Generally, compound verbs are used to express the activities done by the same subject. In other words, compound verbs are the verbs that share subjects.

  • I know how to code and apply it to the system.
  • Steve Harris was singing and playing bass at the last concert.
  • The kitten is running and looking for food.
  • Tomorrow Iron Maiden will be playing and singing the songs that their fans love.

Different types of compound verbs

There are several compound verbs in the English language. These types are also known as form. Each type of compound verb is used for a specific purpose. What are those forms of compound verbs?

  • Prepositional verb
  • Phrasal verb
  • Helping verb (also known as verbs with auxiliary)
  • Compound Single Words

Let’s explain what are those types of compound verbs? Of course, we will be giving examples.

What is a prepositional verb?

Prepositional verbs are the verbs that are used by a preposition combination. Remember, each preposition adds a different meaning to the verb.

  • Son, you should forever trust in who we are.
  • The students in the department are applying for the internship programs in the UN.
  • The EU Council really concerns about the human rights violations of authoritarian regimes.
  • Stop comparing me with the other developers in the ecosystem. I am better than them.

What is a phrasal verb?

Phrasal verbs are the verbs that are used by an adverb combination. In other words, if you use adverbs with a verb that’s a phrasal verb.

  • Our beloved Uncle Iroh was passed away.
  • The police detectives are tracking down all the possible evidence. Probably the criminals will be put in jail as the investigation ends.
  • Carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done.
  • Will come with us tomorrow? We will be hanging out with the fellas.
  • I guess this word is Latin originated. To understand the meaning we should look up.

What is a helping verb (verbs with auxiliary)?

The verbs with auxiliary are actually verbs that have tense meaning with them. So, these verbs express the time period of the action.

  • I was made for loving you baby.
  • A pretty woman was walking down the street.
  • We will be meeting when the wild wind blows.
  • Oh, darling. What I have done?
  • And we are driving into the night, this is such a late goodbye.

What is compound single words?

There are single words with a composition of different verbs in English. Even if they are not so much and commonly used, they exist.

  • I guess your new girlfriend is a bit crazy. She is skydiving right now.
  • If you are doing exercises, it is very risky to
  • I was sightseeing when I was at the campsite.

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