Concrete Noun Examples in Sentences and Expressions

Concrete Noun Examples in Sentences and Expressions

Concrete Nouns

We have five sensory organs, these are eyes, skin, ears, tongue, and nose, and everything we can perceive with one of them is called concrete nouns. Objects that we can hold by hand, see with our eyes, and can both smell and taste are examples of concrete names and they also can be used as an adjective.

Examples of Concrete Nouns

My throat is swollen due to cold water. (Cold is a concrete noun here, and it is also used as an adjective.)

My father bought me the book I wanted for a long time. (The book is a concrete noun because we can see and touch the book)

My skin is very dry, so I have to moisturize it. (Dry is also a concrete noun because we can perceive it when we touch it)

This is my favorite sweater because its color is yellow. (Yellow, which is a color noun, is also a concrete name because we see with our eyes)

It was difficult to go home because of the wind. (We can feel the wind by touch, hence the concrete noun)

It is almost impossible to sleep in this noise. (We can hear the noise so it is a concrete noun)

The smell of my perfume is liked by everyone. (We can perceive it with our sense of smell, so it is a concrete noun)

I guess what my mom made is so sour that I can not eat. (We can perceive sour with our sense of taste, so the concrete noun)

I asked my mom to turn it off as the light disturbs my eyes. (Light exists materially, hence it is a concrete noun)

When the weather was rainy, everyone came to school with an umbrella. (There are two concrete nouns in this sentence, rain, and umbrella, both of which can be perceived by five senses.)

I can not sleep in the dark because I am scared. (We see the darkness with our eyes, so it is a concrete noun)

I can not study because of the pain in my head. (Pain is tangible as it can be perceived by our senses)

I came home in fear because if I left the door open the thieves might have entered. (Fear is an abstract noun because we cannot perceive it with one of our five sense organs)

I can do anything for freedom. (Freedom is likewise an abstract noun, we can neither see it with the) eye nor hold it by hand, we cannot perceive it with our five senses, so this is not a concrete noun.)

I trust her intelligence, she will not let us down. (Intelligence is not a concrete noun either, like the other examples, because it must be perceived by at least one of our five sensory organs to be a concrete noun.)

I had a beautiful dream last night and when I woke up I was smiling. (Some people think that the dream must be concrete because we can see it, but the dream is an abstract nounĀ  because we can not see the dream with the eye)

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