100 Concrete Noun Examples, Definition and Examples

100 Concrete Noun Examples, Definition and Examples

Concrete Noun

There two types of things in the universe. Some of them can be felt by our sensual organs. The nouns that we can feel by our five sensual organs are called concrete nouns. A concrete noun can be objects, people, animals, sound, smell, etc. Today you will be learning concrete nouns with a lot of examples.

What is a Concrete Noun Exactly?

Everything that scientifically and empirically provable is a concrete noun. Think about the situations or statements. You can touch them or hear them. Can you draw a picture of the loneliness? No, you can’t. You can smell the love? No, you can’t. Can you touch the honesty? Of course, you can’t. To describe these things, you need analogies and symbols. Concrete nouns don’t need symbols or analogies. For example, you can touch a guitar. You can smell it. You can touch the guitar. But you can’t describe freedom by feeling it. Freedom has no smell, has no physical body. You can’t see freedom.

Examples for Concrete Nouns

In this section, you will be able to find examples of concrete nouns. The bold words are concrete nouns. It is important to understand why a noun is a concrete noun. Examine the examples carefully to understand the logic behind them.

  • Raise your horns up to the sky, we will attack tonight.
  • The gross smell of the corpses was spreading around the neighborhood.
  • This jazz bass has the signature of Miles Davis.
  • I take my Harley Davidson Roadster while I go camping near my city.
  • Using a glass bottle to carry your drink is the healthiest way.
  • A pretty woman was walking down the street when the wild wind
  • The howling of the pack of wolves stopped us.

  • Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.
  • I hate these hot and humid airs of the summer.
  • Oh no, here comes the rain
  • According to old Northern folk tales, trolls in the dark are too dangerous.
  • When you are in a nightmare, every decision you make is the wrong one.
  • The tears of the lady in black were dropping like acid drops to the foil.
  • I see a red door and I want to paint it black.
  • Beware the mushrooms of the They could be delicious, but they have poison.
  • Lorenzo von Matterhorn was looking for a four-leaf clover. The only thing he found was no leaf clover.
  • The ring bear was carrying a ring to give the couple.

  • We are the abandoned children of the god.
  • I have three cool cats that totally behaves in accordance with goodwill.
  • A whale is the coolest creature in the whole
  • A sailor is a person who earns his living on the
  • Ted Mosby was a famous architect around the West Side of New York City.
  • Merchants were selling their goods on the central square of the
  • Children from the primary school were crossing the
  • The native people were using boats to cross the


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