5 types of noun

5 types of noun and example sentences

What Is Noun?

Many more specific objects and sets of objects, such as living beings, places, states, ideas, qualities, are called names and English nouns have types such as common, plural, abstract.

Common Noun

Creatures or objects in the same category are called common nouns.

  • The sofa matches the color of the room very well.
  • Everyone was scared because the dog barked so much.
  • She tried hard to be a teacher.

Proper Noun

Names that are single or not exactly like other entities are called proper names.

Language names are proper nouns: I will go to a course this summer to learn English.

Continental names are proper nouns: African antelopes can live without drinking water for a long time.

Star and planet names are also proper nouns: My favorite planet is Mars because it’s a planet which is named after Mars, the god of war in Roman mythology.

Abstract Noun

What we understand and know only with our minds that we can not perceive with five senses such as eyes, ears, and nose is called abstract nouns.

  1. These moves made me doubt, I do not believe her.
  2. I can not get along with someone who does not have an artistic spirit.
  3. I have to be brave cause I will tell all I know to the police.

Concrete Noun

Everything we can perceive with our five sense organs is a concrete noun.

  • I bought an apple from the grocery store.
  • I watered the flowers in the garden.
  • I can not study for the exam because I forgot my notebook at school.

Compound Noun

Multiple words combine and point to a single object or creature.

  • When it snowed everyone went out to play snowballs.
  • There were lots of sunflowers in the village and they are beautiful.
  • We gave up in this restaurant because my father does not eat seafood.

Collective Noun

It can mean more than one thing even though it does not take the plural, which is the name of the collective noun.

  • We panicked because a group came running towards us.
  • The audience was enjoying the play on the stage so we were very proud.
  • Going on vacation with my family is sometimes very boring because we are always together.
  • The wolves ate the flock of lambs.

Singular Noun

Assets are also classified by their number, and if we are talking about only one asset, we use a singular noun.

  • I tried to get home quickly because I missed my cat.
  • I cried because the computer was broken.
  • When I left the house I shut the door quietly because everyone was sleeping.
  • I lost my favorite pen at school.

Plural Noun

Plural nouns are used for any living thing or object that is more than one.

  • I am afraid of the cows in the village.
  • I will not hurt my books because I will give them back to the library.
  • we take the chairs out because we will eat out.
  • His mother got mad at him for breaking his toys

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