100 Exclamatory Sentence Example, Definition and Sentences

100 Exclamatory Sentence Example, Definition and Sentences

Exclamatory Sentences

Emotions are the most sui generis quality of human beings. In other words, the main difference between an animal and a human is to sense of feelings. Sometimes we need to express our thoughts or feelings by shouting or crying. Why? Because we feel that way.

There are such sentences in the English language. They are called exclamatory sentences. So, what is an exclamatory sentence?

What is an exclamatory sentence?

Exclamatory sentences are sentences that express a strong emotion or feeling.

Also, those sentences can be used in the case of excitement. To point out a sentence as an exclamatory sentence you must be using an exclamation mark.

Examples for exclamatory sentences:

  • Don’t yell at me! You did the whole thing there.
  • Never call me again! Did you hear that? Never call me! Again!
  • Oh my god! There is a kitten in the basket. Look at him!
  • I can’t believe it! Hey Lorenzo, those flowers are my favorite. This is very nice of you!
  • Oh no! The reds are in our zone! That’s a touchdown!
  • Don’t move! I repeat. Don’t move! Drop the weapon!
  • Help! This burglar has stolen my purse go get him!
  • Gross! You shouldn’t eat something like this.

The usage of “what”

The word “what” can be used to enhance the expression of exclamatory sentences. You can clarify this knowledge by examples.

  • This is what a cute baby! Congratulations! She will be a very beautiful girl in the future.
  • Welcome to the Hotel California. What a lovely place!
  • And it’s a goal! What a spectacular shot by Steven Gerrard in the grass of Anfield!
  • So, your childhood love is marrying tonight. What a sad moment, buddy!
  • Oh Tommy, what a nice surprise!

    I didn’t expect you here.

The usage of “how”

The word “how” can be used to strengthen the expression of an exclamatory sentence, too. Remember, these sentences have no question meaning.

  • The new staff member is spectacular. You see, how well he codes in Assembly! This is a dead language, by the way.
  • You will not be able to understand my love. How beautiful she looks towards my pupils!
  • The new girl in the class is so hardworking. Can you see, how smart she is!

The usage of “so”

We are able to use the word “so” in an exclamatory sentence to make a stronger expression.

  • The steak that she cooked was so delicious! She should come here more frequently.
  • The situation in the office was so ridiculous!

    I have been still laughing at her.

  • The new girl is so beautiful! I should avoid meeting her to keep my GPA higher.

The usage of “such”

Like the other words above, the word “such” can be used in exclamatory sentences. The usage of it is like the following examples.

  • Get out of here! You are such a liar! Go away!
  • This is such a lovely place! Please, come here again together.
  • The new boss is such a dictator! I am writing a resignation paper.

How beautiful this city is!
Sara, wipe the board!
Woe, I missed the service!
Don’t talk, get out!
Please, help me now!
Hah, okay, now it’s beautiful!
What a coincidence this is!
Wait, that bridge is rotten!
I’m so mad at her!
God, I’m in heaven!
Why don’t you listen to my words!
Come here Ella, quick!
Stay there, don’t come here!
Oh, my God, would you stop by here!
Like you’re a big person!
Oh, I was going to be there now!
Hey, no smoking in here!

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