Articles and Examples For Students, Using of Articles

Articles and Examples For Students, Using of Articles


Every English learner has problems with the articles, even though it seems very easy. Things can be complicated, but with a little information we will provide you, you will be able to use articles in sentences properly. Let’s take a look at the definitions.

What are articles?

In English, articles are the words defining nouns: ‘a, an, the’. Mainly, we can say that they are defining nouns as specific or nonspecific, and ‘the’ is used to define specific nouns, whereas ‘a, an’ are used to define unspecific nouns.

You will understand better if you keep reading our examples!

For example, consider this sentence: Did you complete the assignment?

In this question, ‘the’ article comes before a specific noun, which means that both you and your friend who is asking you this question know about ‘the assignment’ she is asking.

Article examples with ‘the’

  • I cannot study here; it is too loud. I will go to the library.
  • Could you please pass me the remote? The series I watch will start soon.
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  • I loved the book you gave me. Even though it is a very long story, I finished it in a night.
  • My mom has just cleaned the carpet. Please be careful with that juice.
  • Joseph adores the view he sees from the window of his apartment. There is no way that he will move somewhere else.
  • Did you read the newspaper today? The accident is a real disaster.
  • My friend Liam is around for a while, but he will go back to Paris in the summer.

Now, what about articles defining nouns as unspecific?

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These are articles ‘a, an’, and they also used before the noun as ‘the’.

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Sentences with articles ‘a, an’ do not point out something specifically known, but rather creates general statements.

Let’s see the examples of these articles and understand the difference better!

For instance, consider this sentence: Would you like to have a cup of coffee?

In this sentence, there is no specific cup of coffee. The person who is asking the question referring any cup of coffee and will give ‘the cup of coffee’ if prepares it.

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The difference of ‘a’ and ‘an’ is very basic, ‘a’ is used to define a noun as unspecific when the noun starts with a consonant, while ‘an’ used for the same purpose if the noun starts with a vowel.

See? We said if the noun starts with a vowel. We don’t mean any specific vowel. It could be any vowel in the alphabet J

Article examples with ‘a, an’

  • I want to ride a bike this afternoon.
  • Could you come here for a minute when you are available?
  • Emma said she wants to eat vegetables in dinner, not a meal with meat in it.
  • I cannot decide if I will buy a phone or a tablet for my work purposes.
  • Dad promised me to tell an interesting story before bedtime.
  • It would be better if you give me an ice cube for this drink.

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