Types of Composition Writing and Examples

Types of Composition Writing and Examples

Composition Writing

Writing is not as easy as talking, there are certain rules for writing good compositions. Creating integrity of meaning and doing good research are some of these rules.

Before starting the composition, it is determined which type will be written and information is collected accordingly so in our article you will learn about composition types and rules firstly.

Types of Composition Writing

Compositions are written in different genres. The purpose of this is to ensure that the subjects described are conveyed to the other party in an appropriate language. Below you will see the different types of compositions.


we write in the description or descriptive writing to depict an event, place, or person and it effective for visualizing the reader’s mind. You can describe and list as many details as you want, depicting the look, smell, and feel of an object will make the writing beautiful.


Narration is the writing of events in a sequential way and there are connections between events, for example, it is a suitable genre to describe what you have experienced in a day.


Exposition is an explanatory type of writing. For example, we can explain an event or a place, the purpose is not to describe it, but to explain what it means, but rather to give information.


Used to describe the compares and contrasts between two situations. If you are writing in this genre, you should explain whatever you are defending, giving logical reasons.

By What Rules Is A Good Essay Written?

Before you write a composition, you should make some planning. You will see the steps you need in the list below.

  • First, you need to determine what type of composition you will write.
  • Then think about what you’re going to talk about by brainstorming.
  • After this process, the main idea and two supporting ideas to support it are selected and these are exemplified, it is an important step as it forms the basis of this composition.
  • A standard essay consists of five paragraphs: 1 introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, 1 conclusion paragraph.
  • The introductory paragraph is important because the reader either continues to read according to this paragraph or does not therefore, an interesting introduction should be made, and the introduction paragraph gives information about what is described in the composition and an idea is created in the reader’s mind.
  • Detailed explanations are made in the development paragraphs, it is made quality with quotations and examples. Development paragraph is frequently used with conjunctions such as “furthermore, moreover, by contrast.
  • There must be a link between each paragraph so that your composition is fluent.
  • The conclusion paragraph should not be too long, the important points are briefly explained in the last.

Never Forget These When Writing Composition!

Writing a composition is very different from speaking in everyday language. Before you write, you need to do very deep research. If you’re writing a composition that specifically wants to provide information, you should make sure the information is correct.

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