What Are Infinitive Verbs? Examples Of Infinitive Verbs

What Are Infinitive Verbs? Examples Of Infinitive Verbs

What Are Infinitive Verbs?

Infinitive verbs add the “to” suffix to the verbs that follow. This prevents the two verbs from coming together in the same sentence and causing confusion. Infinitive verbs can be used as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.

Where Are Infinitive Verbs Used?

They can be used as the object of a sentence.

  • I want to be a teacher.
  • He asked to have an extra meal.
  • I tried to lose weight.
  • I hope to go to that concert because I have been waiting for so long.

The verbs of these sentences are want, ask, try, and hope.

Other verbs are used as objects.

They can be used after adjectives. The purpose here is to strengthen its meaning.

  • It’s too late to say
  • He is too shy to meet
  • The exam questions are too hard to solve.
  • It is wise to study before the exam.

Wise, hard, late, and shy is adjectives.

Infinitive verbs can be used as the subject of the sentence.

  • To be a teacher is her dream all the time.
  • To buy a Ferrari is a very difficult goal for me.
  • To be a wise person, you should read a lot of books.

Examples Of Infinitive Verbs

Below you will see examples of the different infinitive verbs.

  • I hesitate to eat these meals with you.
  • I refuse to go to another company to work in.
  • I undertake to finish the project.
  • I promise to buy the clothes that you want so much.
  • I prepare to go on vacation for my business.
  • I hope to manage this work because this is my last chance.
  • I promise to act properly next time.
  • I want to say the right things about this topic which is why I am acting more carefully.
  • I decide to change my job because the salary is not enough for my spendings.
  • I will arrange to meet with your classmates next week.
  • I agree to sell this television because it is too old to use.

  • I claim to buy these old things will get us in trouble.
  • I aim to achieve in this competition and I know my parents are behind me.
  • I demand to fly with this plane, it seemed really reliable and robust to me.
  • I consent to meet you with your boyfriend this time but do not ask for something like this again.
  • I suggest not to accept this project. It seems impossible to complete this on time.
  • I proceed to finish my duties, I can see you tomorrow.
  • I will volunteer to help homeless people, whenever I see them, my heart breaks down.
  • I seek to escape, I really got bored with this environment.
  • I swear to revenge because my mom and dad were very upset about this situation and I am very angry.
  • I long to swim this year, I hope I can go on vacation this summer.
  • I care to love, life does not mean much after people do not.
  • I propose to drink because this day was a very successful and fruitful day for us.

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