100 Adverb of Manner Examples and Expressions

100 Adverb of Manner Examples and Expressions

Adverb of Manner

In English, we use verbs to point out the statement or the action in a sentence. Sometimes we might be describing how the verb is done. The words that are used to describe how the verb is done are called adverbs of manner. Throughout this page, you will be able to learn how to use the adverb of manner and the irregular adverbs of manner.

How to use adverb of manner?

Generally, the adverb of manner is placed right after the main verb. In some fictions, the location can be not important to give a fancier structure. The regular formula for using an adverb of manner is the following. “Subject + Object + Verb + Adverb + ly”.

Irregular Adverbs

Before giving examples for adverbs of manner, we should examine some basic irregular adverbs. These adverbs don’t fit into the formula we mentioned above. You should use them carefully.

  • Good -> Well
  • Fast -> Fast
  • Hard -> Hard
  • Late -> Late
  • Early -> Early
  • Daily -> Daily
  • Straight -> Straight
  • Wrong -> Wrong / Wrongly (Both the usages are true.)

Examples for Adverb of Manner:

You will be able to learn the adverb of manner from the examples below. The bold words are adverbs of manner.

  • Don’t worry. Our IT department of the company works
  • Talk to me softly, there is something in your mind more than you tell.
  • I literally rule the rest of the department. I work harder than
  • Rage against the machine is really the most revolutionary rock band ever.
  • Even if we broke up badly, she is behaving
  • Our great football team is beating legendarily its arch enemies.
  • I was walking down the street carelessly when a beautiful lady asked gently for my phone number.
  • You should examine patiently all the topics of the exam to pass your courses.
  • A wolf at the door was howling angrily to distract our attention.
  • I made a tough decision sadly by breaking up with my girlfriend.

  • I am sorry for my behavior last night. I was acting selfishly without any thoughts in my mind.
  • The lady with red hair disappeared mysteriously in the old mansion.
  • The boss distributed equally the bonuses of the semester.
  • Thank you for telling honestly all the truth to the police. Even if this situation is totally against you the judge would be considering it.
  • Our legendary soldiers are fighting bravely. We should honor them in every possible way.
  • The teacher is answering gladly our questions. You should ask carefully to learn the topic better.
  • The soldier was walking in full agony. Every step of him was felt painfully in his nerves.
  • The police detective was asking questions suspiciously. According to him every expression of us can be considered as a pang of guilt.
  • The sad song of the wind never You hear clearly all the agony felt by the masses around the country.
  • I remembered sadly the face of Melinda. She was deeply depressed and sad. Her tears were dropping slowly on the ground.

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