Preposition – In, On, At, Ago

Preposition – In, On, At, Ago;
Preposition - In, On, At, Ago

Prepositions IN
Season of the year; Winter, Spring, Summer
Years and Centuries; 2018, 2020, 21st century
Months; January, February, November
Parts of the day, years…; In an hour, In 5 years, In 3 days, In 5 weeks

Prepositions ON
Days; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday…
Datest; On Christmas day, On my birthday

Prepositions AT
Clock Times; At 7, At half past nine, At twenty, At eight o’clock…
Mealtimes; At breakfast, At lunchtime, At teatime

Prepositions AGO
Specific time in the past; Ten minutes ago, two hours ago, 4 days ago,
3 month ago, a long time ago

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