32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences

32 Prepositions List and Example Sentences

About: They have a discussion about football.

Above: A plane is flying above the village.

Abroad: Mary went abroad.

According toAccording to my family, I’m a clever student.

Across: You can swim across the river.

After: I slept after I arrived my house.

Against: This company is up against the bankruptcy.

Ago: She came back school a while ago.

Ahead of: We are ahead of our work schedule.

Along: Are you going along?

Around: He left around 6:40.

AsAs it’s raining again, we’ll not play tennis.

As far asAs far as I’m concerned, we’re bad situation.

Away: Put your laptop away.

Because of: She was late because of missing the train.

Before: C goes before D in Alphabet.

Behind: The shaker is behind the glass.

Below: It is 20 degrees below zero.

Beneath: Alex is sitting beneath the pine tree.

Beside: My brother sat down beside me.

BesidesBesides, it’s still early for me.

Between: My home is between library and bank.

But: We are very hungry, but the fridge is empty.

By: I always goes to work by train.

Despite: I love my wife despite her faults.

Down: Calm down my friend!

Due to: Her success was due to her family.

During: I met the intern during lunch.

Except: Nobody came the party except George and Alex.

For: Is the coffee too hot for you?

From: Where are you from?

Hence: We travel hence tomorrow to France.

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