85 Prepositional Phrases For, On, In, Out, By, At

85 Prepositional Phrases For, On, In, Out, By, At

in a deep sleep
in a flash
in a heap
in a hurry
in a mess
in a pile
in a sense
in a temper
in abeyance
in abundance
in accordance with
in action
in addition to
on a journey
on a trip
on a large scale
on a small scale
on a pension
on a regular basis
on a spree
on account of
on an expedition
on an islandon approval
on average
on bail
out of curiosity
out of jealousy
out of date
out of doors
out of duty
out of hand
out of ideas
out of one’s mind
out of order
out of pity
out of place
out of practice
out of control

at high speed

at one’s side

at a fraction of

at the outset

at the end

at sight

at the double

at one time

at a discount

at a distance

at a glance

at a guess

at a loose and

for hire

for instance

for luck

for life

for love

for a moment

for the moment

for nothing

for once

for the rest of

for safekeeping

for somebody’s sake

for the sake of

by cheque

by day / night

by design

by the dozen

by far

by hand

by heart

by invitation

by land / sea / air

by law

by luck

by means of

by mistake

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