8 Parts of Speech, Parts of Speech Exercises, Definition and Example Sentences

8 Parts of Speech, Parts of Speech Exercises, Definition and Example Sentences

Parts of Speech

If we consider a sentence in English as a wall, there should be bricks, to build it, right? These bricks are called parts of speech. Parts of speech are the functionally differentiated parts of a sentence. There are 8 parts of speech in English. To use English better and understand it well you should know these 8 parts of speech. What are they? You will be learning throughout this page.


Nouns are the leader part of a sentence. They could be anything like a person, people, an object, a thing, a thought. The noun is the base of a sentence. A noun can be an object, a subject of an action, or a statement. The bold written words of the sentences of the examples below are nouns.

  • Bojack Horseman is a melancholic horse-man in the series.
  • A pretty woman is walking down the street.
  • Marcus Miller is one of the greatest bassists in the world. This guy is not breaking a leg. He is breaking the entire skeleton.


Pronouns are the words that are used to refer to a noun. They can be referring to multiple nouns. Also, pronouns mention the gender of the noun they refer to. For pronoun examples in bold:

  • I was made for loving you baby.
  • Varg Vikernes is the frontman and the creator of Burzum. He was also an old criminal who stayed in jail.
  • Have you heard anything about Jane? We haven’t seen her for a while.
  • There was not any single memory from her ex-boyfriend. Probably, she demonized him to get over better.


Verbs are the part of speech that carry on the expression or action of the sentence. You express your ideas by verbs. In English, some words could be different forms in different tenses. Let’s find out the verbs in the following examples. The bold words are the verbs of sentences.

  • You gave the love a bad name, she said. (The quotations don’t include verbs)
  • When the wild wind blows, I will come home and hug
  • Dark Tranquility is a metal band influenced by several genres such as heavy metal, melodic metal, and symphonic metal.
  • I am the one who walks alone walking the dark road.


Adjectives are the part of speech that describes any noun of the sentence. You can find the following question. How is a noun?

  • A pretty woman is walking towards the dog.
  • The French Revolution was really bloody.
  • When the wild wind blows, the red tree will be in danger.
  • I have the higher ground Luke, he said.


The role of a preposition in a sentence is to present the relations of the noun or pronoun between the other objects of the sentence. The relations can be in the framework of spatial or temporal or role.

  • There was a rage against the machine.
  • We were talking about
  • Gather around my children.


Conjunction exists in a sentence to join two different sentences.

  • I wasn’t hungry but I have eaten all the donuts
  • Life continues and the band goes on.

Articles and Determiner

The main role of articles and determiners is to specify the thing is being used. You don’t say “a girl” when you describe your crush. You say “the girl”.

  • A child should always be happy.
  • The children in the backyard are playing.


Interjections are one of the parts of speech. They carry out a high amount of emotions or reactions towards anything.

  • Ooops, said Barney. I didn’t know she was your crush.
  • D’oh! Bart is stealing my donuts, Marge.
  • Yeah! I call this a triple shot.

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