25 Figure of Speech Examples and Expressions

25 Figure of Speech Examples and Expressions

Figures of Speech

Do we always say the words we mean? Do what we say always have a literal meaning? Sometimes we use metaphors and connotations to strengthen our speech. What do you mean? Is it literally or not? Really? Making sentences with words is a tricky thing. But “It’s not rocket science!” The words we choose to strengthen the speech are not accidental! If we want to reinforce a speech rhetorically, we should use some methods. It is not a good way that the use the dictionary meaning of every word.

What are the figures of speech?

A figure of speech, a speech or rhetorical figure, is a word or phrase that requires a different expression than ordinary language use to create a rhetorical effect. A metaphor or analogy used to make a comparison is one example of figures of speech. Alliteration or exaggeration art can be used to achieve a dramatic effect. Besides, using an idiom is a method that increases the effect of speaking.

Examples for a figure of speech with sentences:

Hyperbole (Exaggeration)  Examples

  • Did I say I love you to the moon and back?
  • Teachers give children a world of homework.
  • You repeated this like million times!
  • My brother raised hell because the toys were not bought.
  • The movie was so funny that we died laughing.
  • After the ice cream, they ate yesterday, both children are hot and cold.
  • I said a hundred times that you should not ask me about this situation, right?

Irony Examples

  • How nice!” he said when the boss told him that he had to work throughout the weekend.
  • “I never taste such a meal!” She said after eating terrible steak with a smile on her face.
  • My waterproof watch broke down today because water got into it. What a good thing!
  • You are so strong that you have the strength to escape from a difficult situation!
  • Thank you, thanks for your bits of help, I once again understood why I should not believe you.

Metaphor Examples

  • I can’t stand his passing any longer, I’m drowning in a sea of ​​grief.”
  • You are breaking my heart with all these words you say.”
  • You illuminated my life like a light with what you taught me.
  • Time is a thief; it steals our life.”
  • You, the apple of my eye; I never want you to be sad.
  • She would make everyone happy with her bubbly personality.
  • I am feeling blue today, I do not participate in the meeting.
  • You want to make me cry with your sharp words as a knife!

Idiom Examples

  • You just speak of the devil. There is no point in what they say.
  • He is a real joker. He always pulls someone’s leg.
  • Her guess is as good as mine. We know nothing.
  • He wants to get something without any effort. But not; no pain, no gain!
  • I know you can do it. Come on this time, break a leg!
  • It is not my cup of tea. I am not interested in the topic.


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