10 Sequence Connectors, Expressions and Exercises

10 Sequence Connectors, Expressions and Exercises

English Sequence Connectors Definition and Examples

Sequence Connectors

When we talk about an event, we use sequence connectors to describe the order in which it happened. First, second, then, finally are just a few of these.


  • First, can be used as both an adjective and an adverb.
  • First I hugged my mother and then my friends.
  • First, I did my homework then I played games on the computer.
  • The sink is clogged, but I have to hand over the books first.


Used in sentences indicating time or in sentences containing sequences.

  • I drank my milk first and then
  • Go home then lock the door.
  • Then I have to leave this place.
  • You must pass the exams first, then you can open the computer.


Finally is used to say the last action or the last decision. It is also widely used for sentences that take a long time to occur or have difficulties while taking place.

  • There was a lot of traffic on the road, we finally got home.
  • Before going home, my mother and I finally came to my grandmother.
  • I was so tired of keeping this secret so you finally told them the truth.


Later is used to describe any event that we will do next or have done in the past.

  • I will call you later, I am busy now.
  • I came to you later because I should have gone to my mom first.


The word ‘also’ means addition, there is a similarity between the word ‘too’

  • I play the piano and I also play basketball.
  • My favorite dessert is ice cream and I also love pudding.

By The Time

By the time is used to describe situations when an event occurred in the past, the other event has already occurred and it also connects to two sentences.

  • By the time they arrived, The team had eaten all the food.
  • By the time I did my homework, my friends had gone to the cinema.
  • By the time the fire brigade came, the house had been burned


‘Another’ is used in singular nouns and countable nouns and also it used to indicate quantity for uncountable nouns.

  • Another time I will stay with my friend
  • She had another older sister but she did not live in this city.


‘And’ used to combine two groups of words.

  • I got out of bed and brushed my teeth.
  • I ran to my room and gladly opened my gifts.


‘Before’ can be used in the beginning or middle of the sentence.

  • I slept before you came home.
  • I was so happy before she made me cry.
  • I had dinner with my friends before going down to the beach.

In the end

‘In the end’ is used to indicate the result after a process or a conversation.

  • We could not decide where to go on vacation, in the end, we gave up.
  • We worked hard with my classmates for this project and in the end, the teacher applauded us.
  • Actually, I was not going to accept this offer, in the end, my father convinced me.

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