Uses Despite, Definition and 9 Example Sentences

Uses Despite, Definition and 9 Example Sentences

In English, despite‘ connects the name and the sentence and gives opposite meaning.

Despite is not used when connecting two sentences. Some verbs are named after “-ing” and can be used as such.

‘Despite’ can be connected to two sentences by adding “the fact that” at the end.

Example Sentences

  • Despite her tiredness, Elisa tries to help us
  • Despite his height, he cannot play good basketball.
  • Despite she works hard, she doesn’t make much money.
  • We went out despite the snow.
  • Despite applying for hundreds of jobs, he is still unemployed.

  • He remained poor, despite he was a hardworking worker.
  • Despite many obstacles, he refused to give up.
  • Despite state protection, he became a victim of an assassination attempt that killed him.
  • We continued to progress despite the obstacles.

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