18 Commonly Confused Words and Definitions

18 Commonly Confused Words and Definitions

accept: Receive

except: Leave out

advice: Guidance or recommendations

advise: To offer suggestions about best

bough: Branch of a tree

bow: front of a ship or to bend the head

by: Preposition

buy: Purchase

coarse: Rough

course: Way or path

dual: Having two parts

duel: Contest between two participants

for: Preposition

four: The number

loathe: to hate someone or something

loath: reluctant or unwilling

palate: Roof of the mouth

palette: Board for mixing colours

plain: Simple

plane: Flat surface

pole: Long, slender piece of wood

poll: Vote in an election

quiet: silent

quite: Really, positively

serial: happening in a series

cereal: breakfast food or edible grain

stationary: Not moving

stationery: Writing paper

than: comparison

then: At that time

to: In the direction of

too: Also

tortuous: Complex of full or twists

torturous: Suffering of full or pain

weak: poor, low, faint, thin, lean

week: Seven days

weather: Atmospheric conditions

whether: If, in case

which: what one

witch: sorceress

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