Collocations in English – MAKE and DO

Collocations in English with Make and Do;

Collocations in English - MAKE and DO

Collocations with MAKE
make a fortune
make charge
make a choice
make money
make an efforts
make friends
make a decision
make fun of sby
make breakfast
make love
make lunch
make a mess
make dinner
make a mistake
make an exception
make a sound
make an excuse
make a phone call
make plans
make a mistake
make progress
make a profit
make the bed
make a suggestion
make a wish
make an attempt
make a point
make an offer

Collocations With DO
do business
do nothing
do the cooking
do the housework
do the shopping
do your best
do your hair
do home work
do damage
do laundry
do the dishes
do harm
do good
do the exam
do the exam
do anything
do a good job
do your chores
do everything
do sport
do well
do the ironing
do the cleaning
do badly
do business
do exercises
do a job
do an interview


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