Collocations in English – Keep and Give

Collocations in English – Keep and Give;

Collocations in English - Keep and Give

Collocations with KEEP in English
keep a secret
keep a promise
keep a diary
keep a journal
keep the change
keep score
keep your balance
keep in check
keep safe
keep away
keep pace
keep calm
keep sth on the down low
keep calm
keep control
keep the quite
keep records
keep animals
keep in touch
keep track of
keep tabs on
keep in mind
keep sth to yourself
keep it up
keep it down
keep up
keep your job

Collocations with GIVE in English
give a call
give a chance
give a damn
give a hand
give a choice
give a headache
give a hug
give a kiss
give a ring
give a description
give a lift
give a lecture
give a speech
give a performance
give a ride
give an advice
give an answer
give an example
give an idea
give a buzz
give a quess
give a trip
give an opinion
give birth
give credit
give evidence
give notice
give permission


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