150 Collocations List, Come, Get, Do, Make, Have, Go, Take, Keep

150 Collocations List, Come, Get, Do, Make, Have, Go, Take, Keep

come to a compromise

come to life

come second

come to decision

come to an end

come to an agreement

come direct

come cheap

come to a stop

come into sth.

come clean about

come under attack

get a call

get a joke

get a ticket

get a letter

get a cold

get a shock

get a dark

get a clue

get a tan

get a job

get out of breath

get drunk

get started

do good

do the exam

do anything

do a good job

do your chores

do everything

do sport

do well

do the ironing

do the cleaning

do badly

do business

do exercises

take a chance

take a picture

take a seat

take notes

take care

take a break

take class

take a rest

take a taxi

take an exam

take care of

take your time

have a wash

have a scrub

have a rest

have a break

have a nap

have a snooze

have a lie down

have a dream

have a holiday

have a day off

have a party

have fun

go cinema

go bank

go a hike

go a drink

go a coffee

go a meal

go a rest

go a nap

go a ride

go a drive

go a swim

go a walk

break a promise

break a record

break a window

break ground

break new ground

break someone’s heart

break the ice

break one’s fall

break a leg

break even

break loose

break from tradition

break the silence

make breakfast

make love

make lunch

make a mess

make dinner

make a mistake

make a choice

make a noise

make an exception

make a sound

make an excuse

make a phone call

make plans

pay a bill

pay a fine

pay a visit

pay someone a visit

pay attention

pay the price

pay someone a compliment

pay well

pay one’s respects

pay someone back

pay for something

gross pay

pay by credit card

save electricity

save energy

save money

save someone the trouble

save a penalty

save space

save time

save yourself the trouble

save the environment

save something

save someone’s life

save one’s strength

save something to a disk

catch a ball

catch a bus

catch a cold

catch a chill

catch someone by surprise

catch someone off guard

catch some rays

catch a whiff

catch the flue

catch a glimpse

catch someone’s attention

catch sight of sth

catch someone’s eye

keep up the good work

keep in touch

keep track of

keep tabs on

keep in mind

keep sth to yourself

keep sth at bay

keep someone

keep someone’s place

keep someone posted

keep up

keep your job

keep safe

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