Collective Nouns For Animals

English Collective Nouns list, Collective Nouns For Animals

Collective Nouns For Animals

rookery of seals

dopping of sheldrake

nest of snakes

army of caterpillars

cluster of cats

herd of cattle

kennel of dogs

school of dolphins

trip of dotterel

wisp of snipe

surration of sparrows

descent of woodpeckers

herd of wrens

shrewdness of apes

army of ants

herd of asses

flight of insects

smuck of jellyfish

herd of kangaroos

rookery of penguins

kit of pigeons

farrow of piglets

litter of pigs

drift of quail

nest of rabbits

nursery of raccoons

string of racehorses

colony of rats

unkindness of ravens

crash of rhinoceros

bevy of roe deer

building of rooks

litter of kittens

desert of lapwings

bevy of larks

leap of leopards

pride/troop of lions

tiding of magpies

suit of mallard

stud of mares

richesse of martens

nest of mice

labour of moles

troop of monkeys

barren of mules

watch of nightingales

flock of ostrich

family of otters

parliament of owls

yoke of oxen

pandemonium of parrots

clutter of spiders

drey of squirrels

crowd of starlings

flight of swallows

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