What is Predicate Adjective? Definition and Examples

What is Predicate Adjective? Definition and Example Sentences

Predicate adjectives defines the general subject of a sentence. This kind of semantic word is normally used after the subject of the sentence, which is a pronoun or noun.

The descriptive word is also linked to any sentence that contains a link in its content. The linking verb functions to connect any verb with a descriptive name, word or pronoun.

For example, pleasures, sounds, looks, smells, feelings, grow, appear, keep, become and remain.

Why Predicate Adjectives Matters?

Predicate adjectives are important for two different reasons. These;

The envelope is not used where adjective is required.

A linking verb should only be completed with a predicate adjective or predicate candidate (ie a pronoun or noun). It can never be completed by an envelope.

For example;

Your dinner tastes badly. (False)

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