Human Body Parts Names, Organs in the Body, Expressions and Examples

Human Body Parts Names, Organs in the Body, Expressions and Examples

Parts of Body

Our body is the physical existence of ourselves in the universe. Each part of our body has unique names. We should know these names to explain any problem in case of an emergency. Native speaker people of English learn these names in their childhood. But the non-native people generally don’t care about them. Because most of them have no common usage.

Let’s say you went to the doctor with a high level of pain in your thumb. Probably it was broken. You are in the nurse’s room and the nurse is diagnosing your situation. How do you describe your thumb if you don’t know what is a thumb? Let’s start to learn parts of the body.


The head is the part of the body that is located at the top of the body. It includes the most crucial organ of the body, the brain. Also, the exterior parts like hair, ear, chin, mouth, nose, eye, forehead, cheek, lip, and temple. Let’s examine these parts deeper.


Hair is the part of the head that is made of creatin. It grows out of the skin. A person without hair is called bald.


The ear is the body part that helps to hear the sounds outside. Its shape is elliptic.


Chin is the part above the mouth. When a person talks, this part moves at the same time.


The mouth is one of the parts of the head. It is used to, talk, eat, kiss. The red zone on the mouth is called lips.


The nose is the organ that enables you to smell. It is located just in the center of the head. There are two holes in a nose. These holes are called nostrils.


The neck is the body part between the shoulders and the head. You can remember its name from the accessories called necklace.


Shoulders are the body parts located on the two upside corners of the body below the neck. In other words, the shoulders are the starting point of the arms.


Arms are the extension of the shoulders. Some of the stronger muscles of the body are here. Generally, this part is used to lift or carry something.


Hands are the endpoint of the arms. There are fingers here. Hands are used to hold the objects. If you use your hands in a fight, the combination you use is called a fist.


Back in the body part that is located at the back of the body. There is the most important bone of the body there. It is called the spine. If you don’t arrange your posture properly you will be a victim of back hurt.


Legs are the body part that helps a person to stand up. Also, it is used for running and walking. The endpoints of the legs are feet.


Feet are the lowest point of the body. Its singular type is a foot. There are two feet. Every foot has 5 fingers.

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