9 Mispronounced Words, Definition and Example Sentences

9 Mispronounced Words, Definition and Example Sentences

Divorce-> dihvawrs

My parents decided to divorce this year.

Epitome-> ihpituhmee

Please show me a epitome.

Faux pas-> foh– pah

You always make me faux pas, please pay more attention to your movements.

Film-> film

While I was watching a film last night, I fell asleep on the sofa, when I woke up in the morning everywhere ached.

Gauge-> geyj

I was curious about the size of the painting we hung on the wall today, but I did not have a gauge to measure it.

Genre-> zhahn– ruh

You should pay attention to your genre while talking to older people.

Hyperbole-> hyperbalee

Our neighbor is a very speaking woman and she loves to hyperbole most when she talks.

Ingenuity-> in- juhnoo– i- tee

This kid has a ingenuity, you should teach her in the best schools.

Itinerary-> ahy– tin- uhreree

I hope you have a itinerary through this process or we will get lost in the huge forest.

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