18 New Words With Meaning

18 New Words With Meaning

1. Gun: A tool used attack or defend.

2. Love: Connecting to someone or someone with love.
3. Egg: A white food from chickens.
4. Build: Integrate.
5. End: Get through.
6. Burn: Fire something and make it burn.
7. Mother: Woman with a child.
8. Exhibition: Show, introduce.
9. Traffic: All pedestrians and vehicles on the roads.
10. Trust: Do not doubt someone.

11. Ugly: Not beautiful.
12. Umbrella: Tool used to protect from rain and sun.

13. Unemployment: Inability to find a job to live on.

14. Unhealthy: Not in good health.
15. Vacation: Short break to work or school.
16. Win: Ensuring a positive and good result.
17. Young: Who is out of childhood.

18. Yesterday: The day before today.

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