100 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Definition and Examples

100 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Definition and Examples

Transitive Verbs

Sometimes you want to express what did you eat. What is your favorite music album? What did you do at school? Do you know what is the answer to those questions?

Even if the words are changed in every question, you learn the object of the sentences. The question word “what” is used to refer to the object from the elements of the sentence.

Transitive verbs are verbs that can take objects. In other verbs, you can ask the question “what” or “who” to the sentence. The answer will be the object of the sentence.

Examples of transitive verbs with explanations

You can see the explanatory examples about transitive verbs below. The questions there were asked to the sentence to get the object.

  • You gave me a reason to live.

(What did you give me? The answer is “a reason to live” which is the object of the sentence.


  • I love you.

(Who do I love? The answer is “you” which is the object of the sentence)

  • I have eaten three hamburgers in that restaurant.

(What have you eaten in that restaurant? The answer is hamburger which is the object of the sentence)

More examples of transitive verbs

The bold words are transitive verbs in the examples below.

  • I will show you how to live, rookie. Come on in!
  • The roadies of the band brought the gear of the band.
  • Leave me alone immediately! I don’t want to see your face for a long time.
  • Please be easy officer, I am a citizen who pays his taxes.
  • From the beginning of her career, Lorenzo von Matterhorn probably taught more than 2000 women in the school.
  • To make the world a better place, we should take the power back.
  • We will drink your blood said the terrible vampire in the old castle.
  • Raise your horns up to the sky, we will fight tonight.
  • “God saves the queen and her fascist regime. “was the most known line from Sex Pistols.
  • Kiss me, darling, while your lips are still red.

  • I still remember which clothes were on your body on the prom night.
  • In a nightmare, every decision you made is the wrong one.
  • I will find you and I will kill
  • Dance me to your beauty and dance me till the end of love.
  • These efforts are non-sense. It is obvious that we have been wasting time till the beginning of this meeting.
  • This action would be a crime. In other words, if you do that, you will be breaking the law.
  • You, beautiful lady, cover me up with the smell of your pure beauty.
  • To make lemonade, you should squeeze all the lemons you have.
  • Forever and one, I will miss However, I kissed in that dark forest.
  • Wake me up when September ends, I don’t want to see the mess I created.
  • If you want to learn how to kill a man, come join the gang.
  • Hey you, don’t be afraid. Pull the trigger and give an and to this endless misery.

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