9 Words Used in Daily Life Conversation in English

9 Words Used in Daily Life Conversation in English

1. Day: It is the name given to the 24-hour period created by the world rotating around its own axis.

Today we learned the names of the days of the week at school and now we know how many days in a month.

2 Before: Leading an object, thought or other things.

It says my name before your name in the class list, you can check if you want.

3. Great: This word is used when talking about the perfection of an object, emotion or other things.

I want you to understand how great I am feeling.

4. Back: It is called the back of something.

I suggest you move back to the queue or we will get stuck here.

5. Long: It is used to mean that something or a situation takes a long time.

I have been preparing for this exam for a long time, I hope I can pass with a good grade.

6. Because: This word is used to connect what we say or do for a reason.

I need to study very well for this exam because I want to go abroad this summer to get a master’s degree.

7. Good: It is used to say that something, a situation, an emotion or any object is good.

We all know that you are a good person, so you should believe it.

8. Feel: It means to contain any emotion in it.

You feel relieved because the school is over, but life begins here.

9. Place: The area we are in is the place.

Does anyone know which place will be held for our meeting today?

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