Shapes and Their Names, Definition and 100 Example Sentences

Shapes and Their Names, Definition and 100 Example Sentences

Shapes’ Names in English

There are several shapes in the universe. Each of them has a sui generis name. Generally, these names come from the Latin language. As we all know, the English language is a Latin originated language. So, it is quite a normal thing to derive shapes’ names from the Latin language.

Let’s say you are trying to solve problems in math. It is possible that you will see different geometric shapes in the book you are using. Also, you will be the subject of different shapes in actual life. You know, shapes are everywhere. Throughout the page, you will be learning the names of the shapes in English. We will be describing them for you to visualize better.


Nonagon is a geometric shape that has nine edges and a surface. In that perspective, a nonagon has 10 dots.


Hepta means “with seven” in Latin. So, a heptagon is a shape that has seven edges and a surface. The sum-up of the inner angles of the heptagon is 900 degrees. So, every angle of a heptagon is equal to 128,5 degrees.


Pentagon is a geometric shape that has 5 edges. The total of all the inner angles of a pentagon is equal to 540 degrees. You might be heard of the national intelligence service of the United States. When people mention it generally uses the Pentagon. Because that building is shaped pentagon.


Star is the thing you see in the sky when you look at the sky. The main difference is star shape has five sharp points. This kind of star is the stars on the US flag. A star is a concave pentagon. What does this mean? It means if you bend a pentagon to the inside from the edges, you create a star shape.


Crescent is one of the forms of the moon. You can see a crescent on the flags of Islamic countries or the countries that have cultural ties with Islam. The most known example is Turkey’s flag. When you look at the flag of Turkey you see a star and a crescent.


The cycle is a geometric shape without any edges. Mathematicians divide it into 360 equal partitions. Every single slice of it is called 1 degree. All the science of geometry is based on that equation. An example of a cycle can be the shape of a full moon. Also, the metallic coins are cycles, too.


A cylinder is the 3d version of a cycle. To visualize it, we can give examples as batteries. Batteries are cylinders. Also, a lighthouse is a cylinder, too.


Triangle is a geometric shape with three edges. An even triangle’s inner angles’ total is 180 degrees. Triangle can be used phrases in English. Bermuda Devil Triangle is a common phrase for tough situations.


The heart shape is a commonly used symbol around the people. It is used to express love. The heart shape can be described as a triangle with subdivided edges. These subdivided edges are oval.

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