20 American Idioms And Examples

20 American Idioms And Examples

American Idioms

Idioms are used to express some situations figuratively. If you are not familiar with a culture, you may have difficulty understanding idioms. We will tell you about the common American idioms.

American Idioms And Examples

All over the map: This phrase means that the topic to be talked about is not fully discussed. If you have strayed from the point, you can use this expression.

  • The teacher is all over the map and that is why I do not understand anything.

Before you know it: This expression is used to mean almost. You will understand better with the example.

  • I will do my homework before you know it.

Blow off steam: This idiom is used as a metaphor to express the nerve. It is a widely used idiom in daily life.

  • I blow off steam because of the rudeness you did today.

Break a leg: An idiom used to wish luck.

  • I hope you break a leg in your exams this year or your family will be really mad.

Call it a day: This is used when you reach the end of a job or event.

  • Let’s call it a day students, there is nothing left that we can explain more.

Cat nap: It means to rest briefly.

  • I need a cat nap because I worked all day.

Get the hang of it: Used to say that you can do a job well. It is also used when he or she has the ability to complete a project.

  • Because of her successful work this year, she will get the hang of it.

Give props to: You can use it when telling someone you are thankful. This expression is also used instead of thanking.

  • I would like to give props to you because you helped me on this project so much.

Head over heels: It is an expression used when you are very in love. It expresses the most intense state of love.

  • I am head over heels, I do not remember having been this much in love before.

Here and there: An idiom used to express things that happen occasionally.

  • I am very angry with you because I am tired of your actions. You call me here and there.

Hit me up: This idiom is used to inform me, let me know.

  • Hit me up when it’s done because I do not want it to be a mess.

Keep me in the loop / Keep me posted: It means to inform you about something. It can also be thought of as staying in touch.

  • Keep me in the loop about your wedding because I want to be your best man.

Ruffle feathers: It is an idiom used to mean to annoy someone.

  • It is not possible to be in the same environment with her because she ruffles my feathers all the time.

Take the wind out of your sails: An expression used when we are disappointed.

  • It really took the wind out of my sails because I believed in our marriage.

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