Using Although, In spite of, Despite

Using Although, In spite of, Despite in English

Using Although, In spite of, DespiteUsing Although, In spite of, Despite in English

Using Although in English;
Although  + Subject + Verb

  • Although he is handicapped, he has been able to perpetuate his daily life.
  • Although teachers give a lot of advice, students don’t always take it.
  • Although I am tired, I don’t want to sleep.
  • Although the weather was cold, we decided not to wear our jackets.

Using In spite of in English;
In spite of + Noun/pronoun
In spite of + verbing

  • In spite of being a millionaire, he lives in a very small flat.
  • In spite of being insulted, he managed to keep his temper.
  • She failed the test in spite of studying hard.
  • We had a great time in spite of the rain.
  • In spite of her resolve, she responded.

Using Despite in English;
Despite + Noun/pronoun
Despite + verbing

  • I cannot help liking him despite his many faults.
  • Despite the sunshine, the snow has not yet melted.
  • The Church would be the first to say it despite what I have been.
  • I enjoyed the movie despite having a headache.
  • She is not attractive, despite her beauty.

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